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New England Wild Flower Society - Garden in the Woods

Meadow restoration in New England

Posted on 17 July 2014

The New England Wild Flower Society - Garden in the Woods - conducts land survey, removes invasive plants, and monitors rare plant species throughout the New England states.   The conservation department and the horticulture department work together on the Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge restoration project in Sudbury, MA. The Rice’s Barn meadow is an extensive, sloping former farm field with both upland and wetland sections. In the past, it was infested with glossy buckthorn and other invasive shrubs that the Refuge has successfully controlled. A variety of native shrubs have been planted to improve habitat for native birds.
Future plans at NEWFS, include the use of the nursery operation more effectively for restoration projects.  The Garden will be collecting seed from known provenance and propagating these plants for contract grown projects.  We will also work with people who can affect change, such as conservation managers and conservation commissions to promote the use of specific known provenance native plants.

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