Ecological Restoration Alliance of Botanic Gardens

Join us for the next ERA public symposium in Xalapa, Mexico, 29th November 2016

26 August 2016



The symposium and field trip will be followed by a business meeting for ERA members.

Join us in Xalapa! Email us to register for the symposium.

The Ecological Restoration Alliance of Botanic Gardens is coordinated by Botanic Gardens Conservation International.

Read about our last public symposium in Jordan.


Please download presentation abstracts here:

Beatriz Maruri - The Cadereyta Regional Botanic Garden

A model for ecological restoration of semidesert landscapes in the state of Queretaro, Mexico

Jian Shuguang and Shen Weijun - South China Botanical Garden

Rehabilitation of degraded ecosystems and reintroduction of rare and endangered plant populations: An introduction to the ecological restoration research and practice at the South China Botanical Garden

Sandrine Godefroid - Botanic Garden Meise

Reintroductions and population reinforcements of critically endangered plant species in restored grassland habitats from Belgium

Cristina Martínez-Garza - CIByC, UAEM

Towards an Ecological Restoration Plan for Mexico

Esthela Endañú Huerta and Enrique López - Jardín Botánico Regional Carmen

Ecological Restoration Experiences in the Terminos Lagoon Flora and Fauna Protection Area, Campeche, Mexico.

Global Oak Conservation Partnership

Global Trees Campaign collaborations in support of species and habitat conservation in Mexico

Kurt Dreisilker - The Morton Arboretum

Building Capacity to Restore Ecosystems with People

Gregory Mueller - The Chicago Botanic Garden

Fungi and Restoration Initiatives

James Aronson - Missouri Botanical Garden

News from the field: botanic gardens and arboreta can help move us towards a science-based ‘restoration culture’

Guadalupe Williams-Linera - Jardín Botánico Francisco Javier Clavijero

Tropical cloud forest restoration in the Clavijero Botanical Garden: from an abandoned pasture to a secondary forest to a Sanctuary

Jerónimo Reyes Santiago - Jardín Botánico, Instituto de Biología, UNAM

Reintroduction, Recovery and Protection of four species in risk of extinction in the Cañada region of Cuicatlán-Mixteca, Oaxaca. Mexico

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