Ecological Restoration Alliance of Botanic Gardens

Projects and sites

Sister Mary Grace Burns Arboretum

Demonstrating the restoration of New Jersey Pinelands

The Sister Mary Grace Burns Arboretum is restoring a small (1 ha) area of remnant New Jersey Pinelands forest found on the campus. Invasive species are being removed and species found in surrounding similar habitat that were probably present at one time are being introduced

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New England Wild Flower Society - Garden in the Woods

Meadow restoration in New England

The New England Wild Flower Society - Garden in the Woods - conducts land survey, removes invasive plants, and monitors rare plant species. The conservation department and the horticulture department work together on the Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge restoration project in Sudbury, MA

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Chicago Botanic Garden

Conservation and restoration in the Colorado Plateau

Chicago Botanic Garden is running a project to assess plant and pollinator communities in degraded and undegraded sites in the Colorado Plateau, specifically on Bureau of Land Management and National Park Service lands in and around Zion National Park and Black Canyon of the Gunnison.

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Chicago Botanic Garden

Restoring Chicago’s native vegetation

Approximately half of the property of Chicago Botanic Garden (CBG) is under ecological restoration, including 100 acres of oak woodland, 15 acres of prairie, 20 acres along a river corridor and 80 acres of lakes/lakeshores.

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National Tropical Botanical Garden

Restoring Hawaii's Endangered Tropical Rainforest

Many of Hawaii's ecosystems have become endangered as a direct result of human activities such as agriculture, timber extraction and construction.

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Botanic Garden Government College University, Lahore (BGGC)

Restoration of Dryland Ecosystems in Pakistan

Botanic Gardens Conservation International is working with the Government College University to restore the heavily degraded drylands of southeastern Pakistan.

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Kings Park and Botanic Garden

Restoring Damaged Mining Sites

Growing global demand for raw materials will accelerate mining of coal, aluminum and rare earths, especially in Australia.

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Missouri Botanical Garden

Madagascar: Preserving and Restoring a Rich and Diverse Flora

Madagascar is known for its extraordinary diversity, with 11,600 plant species native to the island and found nowhere else on earth. Sadly, only 10% of the original vegetation remains on the island.

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Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Huarango Woodland Restoration Project

The ancient Nasca people drove themselves to near-extinction by replacing woodlands of the huarango tree (Prosopis pallida) with intensive farming practices.

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